Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm lacking in creativity. This is one gene that I don't have. I see many great ideas in blog world, and I usually think, "why couldn't I come up with that idea?" So, I copy it. I can copy! I'm okay with this.

However,  I still want to encourage creativity, especially in my girls. My oldest had an idea to decorate her room with her own artwork. She went through her school box of the last four years to find her favorite pieces of art. After a little putty, she was able to display them throughout her room. She couldn't be happier!

I'm so proud of the creativity that my daughter is showing and displaying!


Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing! I have rubber tubs full of my kids art...and walls full of it too. I love to tack some of it up in the garage...that stuff usualy wont last because of the elements but it's fun for visitors to see and brightens up the garage : D

singinjenny said...

great, inspiring idea!