Monday, October 10, 2011

I Chose White

It has been almost 12 years since my husband, then fiance, and I registered for our wedding. At the time a number of my friends and family were registering for both every day dishes and fine china. I decided that I wanted one set of dishes that could be used for all occasions! I chose Mikasa's Italian Countryside and I couldn't be happier!

There are times when I see "pretty" dishes in vibrant colors, but I love the flexibility of the white. Besides, I can always pick up a couple of accessory pieces in other colors to blend in with my white dishes. Here are some white inspirations!

What color dishes do you have?


Becolorful said...

I chose white when we got married because my mom said I would never regret it. She was so right. I replaced them finally last year with the same Italian Countryside that you chose and for the reasons you listed. I bought the big boxed set but there were some serving pieces and small fruit bowls from my old Mikasa white dishes that I held on to because even though the patterns are different they blend beautifully and I love the mix and match look.
Smart girl to go with white. :)

Valerie said...

We got Mikasa light green dishes, we also got one classic everyday set. We've broken a few and also realized that we needed more for guests (and because with little kids we go through the small plates and bowls rapidly). Interestingly, my grandmother had a classic white set that I half-heartedly kept "in case" that we love and use every day now (it's fascinating what I used to think I'd never need that I now kick myself for passing up--at least I did take this); it blends so nicely with the light green set. Not that we're setting a fancy table these days. A successful meal is one in which everyone got to sit down at the same time for five minutes. Matching is not actually something I've considered in a while. :)

Andrea Dekker said...

white -- all white!
my every day dishes are white with a scalloped edge. My china is white with a thin silver band around the edge... and even my Christmas dishes are white with a small Holly Leaf pattern around the edge!

Heather said...

I found your blog on "Reluctant Entertainer" and really am enjoying reading it....

As for china - started life with a set of blue dishes but found that I couldn't really do too much with them as my creative juices started to flow. Now it's white for most of my dishes. However I do have some pieces in patterns - Country Days (brown and white transferware) looks great at Thanksgiving and Bella Flora (handpainted freeform floral) is great for a breakfast or lunch table setting.

I'll be back.